Double chocolate cookies stuffed with thin mints

It’s girl scout cookie time in America and I am dreaming of these amazing looking chocolate cookies stuffed with thin mints (the picture uses regular peppermint patties, but that’s not nearly as fun). Just imagine the gooey, soft, warm and delicious flavor of these; all I can do is imagine right now, but it feels pretty good.

To make these bad boys first just whip up your favorite chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipe or buy premade cookie dough at the store. Of course you can also use any other type of cookie dough like chocolate chip or oatmeal chocolate chip. Place a flat section of dough onto the pan and spread it out enough to place the thin mint right on top. Next add a dollop of dough on top and smash the edges gently together with a fingertip so that the thin mint is totally covered. Shape it up nicely into a circle if you’re a bit OCD like me. Bake as directed and enjoy your ‘cookie in a cookie’. And think of me!


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