Posted in April 2011

The countdown starts

The fun has begun. With my Medical Professions Advisory Committee (MPAC) interview last week, this process for applying to medical schools has officially begun. I suppose technically the first packet of information I sent to them in January was also an initiation, but this interview sets the tone for the committee letter and since AMCAS … Continue reading

A Utopian World?

I recently read an article over at the Health Care Blog entitled ACOs and Community Hubs of Wellness and Health. And my mind was blown in a totally awesome way. The article is a few months old, published before the the Paul Ryan (R.¬†Wisconsin) Medicare Proposal, but the premise is intriguing, albeit probably insurmountably difficult … Continue reading

Challenging Assumptions and Taking the Leap

I’ve been thinking about faith lately, contemplating the reasons we believe in certain things and choose to allow so called reason to take the reigns on others. Do we choose these distinctions or do they just somehow develop? Can the balance shift and should we seek out challenges to encourage our assumptions to change? Something … Continue reading

Mango allergies

A fellow volunteer had to leave her post recently because of a severe reaction to what she thinks was mango skin. What is this interesting allergy? I decided to do some research and share the results with you all! Mango skin has a chemical in the sap called ‘urushiol’ that causes reactions similar to poison … Continue reading

Watche and wagasi: African food post #1

This is a traditional Beninese meal up here in the north of the country. At its core it’s just rice and beans, cooked together with a delicious tomato based sauce with lots of palm oil and spicy peppers, called pimantes. That’s the watche part. The wagasi is the meat looking pieces. They are actually a … Continue reading