Watche and wagasi: African food post #1

This is a traditional Beninese meal up here in the north of the country. At its core it’s just rice and beans, cooked together with a delicious tomato based sauce with lots of palm oil and spicy peppers, called pimantes. That’s the watche part. The wagasi is the meat looking pieces. They are actually a type of locally produced cheese made from cow’s milk and fried over a red wood which gives it it’s characteristic red rind. Usually it is extremely delicious and one of the most unique flavors I’ve tasted.

I bought this meal from one of the many street vendors and it was a very spicy mix today! Amazing and fattening, it’s an every few days type of meal, not something I regularly indulge in! Hopefully I can learn how to make the watche at least and bring the dish back to the states! Oh, and it is absolutely imperative to eat these spicy meals on a hot African day with a refreshing, natural sugar coka cola. Ah, it’s the life, man!


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