Cinco de Mayo and a New Beginning

The 5th of May was both a beginning and an ending. A day of transitioning from one part of my life to another, although little will likely change in my day to day existence. The American Medical Colleges Application Service (AMCAS) opened up yesterday for those applying to start in the fall of 2012. And let me tell ya, that thing is a beast!

There are 9 different sections and thus far, after one day of wrestling with the app and firefox (AMCAS is not supported by Chrome, my usual browser), I have completed two sections. I spent a large majority of the day printing off transcript request forms, both official AMCAS cover letters as well as individual school request forms. Because I have taken college courses at three different undergrad institutions that means thrice the work in requesting transcripts. But as they say, late transcripts are the number one reason for delays in verification. I’m having the fiancé, C-bear, print off the signed and scanned and emailed documents and then send them off to Wellesley, Kansas State University, and Kansas University registrars. As of today, that has yet to be completed, but he has promised me he will have it done by Monday. I requested priority mail to get them to the AAMC quickly and I’m hoping it’s complete by June first when I want to submit.

Relying on C-bear has been interesting. He was also the point man in charge of getting the paperwork submitted to the AAMC for my fee assistance program approval (which I just learned yesterday was APPROVED! Yay, I can actually apply this year!). We spent many frustrated (me) and irritated (him) facebook messages trying to coordinate his schedule and my mother’s schedule so that the papers would be signed and sent in a timely manner. In the end, it all worked out, but the process definitely raised my blood pressure. As far as my future career goes, I am not flexible at all with deadlines and I want everything under my control. Things like this have always been my complete responsibility and sharing that now, sharing something so huge as the process for my professional future is a little scary. He is absolutely competent enough to help me get this thing done effectively and on time but it hard for me to just let go of that control. But I don’t have any other choice. I must accept help in this or it will simply not get done. Transcript requests are the biggest thing he has to help with, but when it comes time to do paper secondaries, I’m pretty sure we’ll both be at each others’ throats. I suppose it is, however, a good way for me to learn to share my life with him in new areas. It’s always good for me to loosen up that type-A control freak whenever possible. I’m getting better at it I think.

After getting all that sent off and taking a big deep breath, I finished up the ID section of the app and called it a day. I am so excited for it I could probably finish it all in one day, but in a sort of nerdy ridiculousness, I kind of want to savor the process and do it little by little for as long as I can hold off. I know, I’m a big dork. I left the air conditioned office and headed out to meet my post-mate, D. We had a couple beers and I discovered dates, the delicious crunchy raisin-like fruit that people sell from baskets atop their heads (like almost everything here). It was a pretty laid back Cinco de Mayo celebration, but nice.

I left and headed back to my place. I played with my kitten a bit and sat outside in my new wooden lounge chair. The dusk fell and I watched the bats soaring while I cracked open one of two diet cokes brought back from France. I toasted to the end of an era and all the time leading up to this application cycle. I took a deep gulp and then toasted again to the beginning of the rest of my life. This app and all the time that comes after it, will put me down a course that will be very difficult to change and luckily I am very sure about it. I know it seems cheesy, and today nothing was really different than the one before, but I feel like something has shifted and there is more certainty in my life now. It’s really happening!

Thanks for reading and I hope your Cinco de Mayo was both as laid back and as revolutionary as mine was!


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