Keep on keepin’ on

I’ve been working on finishing up the AMCAS and I’ve honestly lost some of my OMG APPLYING TO MED SCHOOL IS AWESOME enthusiasm after spending a few hours on the coursework section (section 4 of 9). They want every course you’ve taken from every college you’ve been enrolled in, and every grade. If you withdrew, they have to know that. If you did not receive credit and ended up retaking it later, they want both of those classes listed. If you picked your nose in freshman biology, better put that down, too. Just kidding. Almost.

Section 3 of 9 is the BIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION section and it is honestly straight forward. I mean, who doesn’t know their biographic info off the top of their head? Parents information, information about financial background, where you were born and grew up, whether or not you consider it a medically underserved area, whether or not you want to be considered ‘disadvantaged’, an explanation if you want to be considered a disadvantaged applicant, and other race and ethnicity information. The only essay is the 1325 character essay justifying your poor childhood. Which I wrote with glee, of course.

Section 5 is the WORK AND ACTIVITIES section…which I skipped. That beast is full of those 1325 character mini-essays and I was exhausted enough after entering every college course since 2006 that I needed a break. I skipped ahead to section 6, the LETTERS OF EVALUATION section and entered in my one committee letter. Then I opened up Section 7, the MEDICAL SCHOOLS section and got excited again by all the possibilities. I decided to take a screen shot to show you all of the awesome:

what AMCAS ID number?

Anyway, I’ve just started filling in my 14 schools allowed by the fee assistance program. I think I’ll get on here in a bit and talk about the disadvantaged and fee waiver things if I have a spare minute. I’m not likely to go back to that work and activities section any time soon. Nooo thanks.


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