Mango pie

So this weekend we made mango pie up at the workstation. Mangoes are everywhere these days, although the season is coming to a close. I’ve been picking mangoes from my tree out front, peeling them, and eating them right there on my porch while Zaari explores and hunts lizards in the brush. I love mangoes and everything that comes with them. So anyway, when I saw we were putting these little bundles into a pie, I took note.

First, we chopped up several mangoes (like 6 or so) and then tossed them with a bit of flour, sugar, cinnamon, and ginger and filled a sugar pie crust. Then strips of crust were laid over the top and it was baked for like an hour in our ghetto workstation oven. It came out tasting heavenly, a bit like an exotic apple pie. It was so good I had it for breakfast yesterday:

just like grandma's

I wish I had a more specific recipe, but I’m pretty sure we were just adding things dash by dash from an old Peace Corps Benin cookbook and a few random online recipes. It was simple, easy, and amazing.

*Note: I can’t take credit for this awesomeness. The genius is all Mary, up in Natitingou. I mostly observed and partook in the results with gusto.*


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