Pure Ice in the African Heat

With a nod to my new favorite med school blog, Med School and the Rest of It, I’ve decided to do a bit of a fashion post. I’ve actually tried to post this entry about three times now, but my internet has not quite allowed me to get it through until now.

Anyway, we might not have that much of an opportunity to dress up here in Africa, but we do the occasional fashion-forward move, daring and otherwise. For example, I have started wearing my jean jacket again, something I have longed for, but hadn’t the courage to do back home. Now I’ve gained the confidence I think I’ll bring it back stateside. So anyway, last week on a particularly hot day, I decided to stay in, relax, and paint my nails:

ice ice, baby

I did the first layer with some cheap pink brand I found in my house when the last volunteer left. I did two coats because it was pretty thin. It ended up sort of pretty, but mostly a little too purpley for me. Then I did a layer of Pure Ice First Love, a pink sparkle color that I liked a lot. To finish I swooshed a squiggle of Pure Ice Platinum as a flourish. I thought the end result was nice, not too flashy, but mostly just fun! A great way to beat the heat here is to distract yourself. And since it takes me like an afternoon to finish one hand with nail polish, that definitely works here.

Anyway, I like fashion, although I’ve never been that good at it or had the time or money to really get down in the trenches with it. One of my favorite blogs is a super up and coming independent style blogger who also happens to be a friend of mine from college, Fashion Dinosaur. She’s cute, sassy, and not afraid to play around with style, which I really like. I tend to be more unsure of myself when it comes to dressing up. Most of the time I stick to a nice fitted tee with jeans and a cardigan or sweater. I’m so looking forward to my $6000 readjustment allowance from the Peace Corps, though. A major part of that is going toward a new wardrobe. J Crew had better be ready for me!

I’ll probably do a few more fashion posts throughout this blog, so I’ve added the category and also put up a few of my favorite style blogs in the list. I don’t imagine I’ll be rocking a lot of hip swagger here in Benin, but once home I’ll try to post what I’m into at the time.



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