Open faced Omelette Sandwich à l’Afrique

Ok, so yes, I am procrastinating. I’m up at the regional workstation with the sole purpose of finishing my application with the good internet, but instead I have decided to make an elaborate breakfast. Well, I guess it’s not really all that elaborate, but since I had to go to the market to get the eggs it ended up taking most of my morning.

Omelette sandwiches are a staple for any good Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin. Usually it’s one or two eggs mixed with onions and/or tomatoes and peppers mixed together and fried in palm oil. This eggy pancake-like creation is then put between the sliced open folds of a baguette. Mayonnaise is optional. They’re quick and easy to make and, I’ve heard, make the perfect hangover food. This morning I was feeling ambitious and well rested, so I decided to go for a variation on the theme. Open faced:

Omelette du fromage. Without the fromage. What do you think this is, FRANCE?

First I sliced off a pad of butter and let it melt on the skillet. Then I added sliced onions and allowed them to sauté for a bit. Next I cracked open both eggs, whisked them briefly and poured the mixture into the hot pan. I stirred it all together, added some salt, and waited. When solid along the bottom, I flipped the omelette in half and allowed it to brown slightly. A few minutes later I flipped it again so that the other side could also brown. I then took it off the heat and slipped it over two small slices of buttered toast (purchased, not created, although it would be possible to do so with baguette bread, too). I then sprinkled some hot pimante powder (basically like hot red peppers) and dug in! It tasted like an omelet pie. Delicious! I left off the mayo, but other volunteers swear by it, so it could be worth trying.

Originally I had wanted to try to make this British breakfast I saw over at my friend’s blog, but the beans in the market today were way too expensive. C’est la vie.

All in all, delicious. And time consuming! Yay! But I admit my next stop is the application. There are only three days left for me to work on it and I still have most of the epic section 5 WORK AND ACTIVITIES to finish. That section is a beast. I also have to enter in my personal statement. When finished, I will be back here for a summary. In the meantime, go make yourself an omelette sandwich, African style!


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