Posted in June 2011

First Secondary and Goodbye Louisiana

So today I received my first secondary request from Tulane. Their instructions informed me that the Fee Assistance Program would only account for a REDUCTION of the secondary fee to $62 from the $125.  This was not the information I had read about when I was making the decision to apply. I had heard that … Continue reading

Punk Rock Kitteh

So yesterday I found my black nail polish. I didn’t even know I had brought it with me when I made the move to Africa so I was totally stoked! Zaari was very interested in what I was doing. The brand is Pure Ice Midnight Sparkle or something similar (I can’t remember the official name, … Continue reading

Moon Bagels and Total Lunar Eclipse

Last week there was a total lunar eclipse that looked like this: In honor of the moon, we had an epic baking session and made…MOON BAGELS (which are just regular bagels with an awesome name!) Ingredients: 1 tbsp yeast 1 cup warm water 1 tsp salt 3 tbsp sugar 3 cups flour First combine the … Continue reading

Obesity and Hunger in America and Benin

Here in Benin, I find myself thinking a lot about food, nutrition, and weight from both a biological and sociological perspective. Many people here don’t have healthy food options or are malnourished due to simple lack of food. It’s quite common to see people who are skeletally thin (marasmus), people who are bloated from lack … Continue reading

Yes, I am planning my wedding

A couple people have asked me if I am actively planning my wedding while both abroad in the Peace Corps and applying to medical school. The answer is omgidon’twannatalkaboutitbutyes. Actually it’s not that bad. Yet. Thus far I’ve just managed to find the African fabric for my wedding dress that I’m going to get made … Continue reading

Stir Fry Djougou Style

So most Peace Corps Volunteers don’t have the kind of wonderful access to fresh fruits and vegetables that I have being in a bigger city. I’ve been thinking for a while that I needed to take advantage of my relative luck and make something colorful and healthy.     I went to the marketplace and … Continue reading

Pentecost Tofu Burgers

I spent the weekend without internet access and due to the holiday around here, was sans internet for four days. In order to occupy myself and prevent the “omg, has my application been verified yet” crazies, I decided to go on a quest for vegetarian friendly burgers here in the middle of nowhere, West Africa. … Continue reading

Florida gag order for docs

A new law in Florida means doctors cannot “harass” patients about their gun ownership. Gov Rick Scott, who signed the bill into law earlier this month, says that the legislation is to protect the “privacy” of the patients. But since patient privacy is already protected under law and so is the right to bear arms, … Continue reading

Cucumber Egg Salad

First thing’s first: ALL MY TRANSCRIPTS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED BY AMCAS! I can now actually get verified! Woo hoo! And now, on to more delicious matters… Today I was feeling healthy and ambitious so I decided to go for a salad. I fished around in my little fridge and found a cucumber that I had … Continue reading