My Tree and Me

So I’m realizing that I like pretty things. Especially if they are pink and/or shiny things that detail five generations of genealogy:

ripples of generations

This modern family tree is just one of several decorative genealogical displays from My Tree and Me. Anyway, when we have our first kid I’m definitely getting this for her awesome room. I think Colt would like it, too.

I’m realizing that this blog often tends to stray from its original purpose of following my med school path, but I have decided that it’s okay. We premeds (and hopefully soon to be med students) have other interests besides medicine. I like style and home furnishing! I like cupcakes! If I see something I like I’m probably going to blog about it.

So there ya go. I added So Eclectic to the style blogs because they talk about amazing cute vintage home remodeling and I live in the African jungles. I need my entertainment!



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