Cucumber Egg Salad

First thing’s first: ALL MY TRANSCRIPTS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED BY AMCAS! I can now actually get verified! Woo hoo! And now, on to more delicious matters…

Today I was feeling healthy and ambitious so I decided to go for a salad. I fished around in my little fridge and found a cucumber that I had bought a few days ago and forgot about (this happens a lot). I also had eggs, tomatoes, and a few tiny baby bell peppers. Originally I had wanted to do a creamy egg salad type thing with my left over Dijon mustard, but I decided with the cucumbers that might taste sort of funky. So I deliberated for a few minutes about what kind of dressing to go for. And I realized that I already knew the best one. My grandmother’s vinaigrette.  So I made a delicious cucumber egg salad with Mommoo’s vinaigrette. Très bon!

delicious and nutritious

Ingredients, salad:

1 medium sized cucumber

3 cherry tomatoes

5 itty bitty green peppers

1 egg

Ingredients, Mommoo’s Vinaigrette:

apple cider vinegar

olive oil






First hard boil the egg for 15 minutes. While that’s going, wash and chop up all the veggies. To make the vinaigrette, combine all ingredients in whatever amounts tastes best to you and shake well until the oil and vinegar mix. Pour over the veggies. When the egg is ready, cut it into fourths and lay on top of the cucumber salad. Sprinkle with black pepper and salt. Ready to eat! Easy, huh?

Mommoo, my dad’s mother, showed me this vinaigrette a few years ago. It’s quick and easy and tastes delicious. I love how individual it is, too. You just taste it little by little until the combination of flavors is just right. You can also make it with a package of splenda instead of sugar which I would probably do if I wasn’t living in the middle of nowhere, Africa. Anyway, it’s a nice memory of home, especially since I got to talk to her on the phone yesterday! Yay, family!

Now I just have to wait and hope verification happens soon, ie before June 17th when all the information is sent out to medical schools and they can see who has selected their school. Then it’ll be secondaries time! I know I should be dreading this process, but I’m actually pretty excited. I am a nerd, though, as has previously been established.

Anyway, enjoy your cucumber salad and think of me!


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