Yes, I am planning my wedding

A couple people have asked me if I am actively planning my wedding while both abroad in the Peace Corps and applying to medical school. The answer is omgidon’twannatalkaboutitbutyes.

this but tailor made in Africa

Actually it’s not that bad. Yet. Thus far I’ve just managed to find the African fabric for my wedding dress that I’m going to get made here and to realize that my perfect wedding is going to be relatively simple to pull off.

hippie wedding ftw!

I’m absolutely in love with an outdoor wedding with a very small group of close friends and family. We’re writing the ceremony ourselves, having a friend officiate, a friend take photographs and play the guitar, and having a huge party afterward with a keg and a nacho bar. Yep, with a cheese fountain. Also we’re doing champagne and cupcakes for sure. Probably funfetti because that’s how we roll.

nom nom nom

On the classier side, I know that I’m in love with a vintage, rustic look with lots of flea market details and light pink roses and wildflowers filling up old mason jars. I’ll probably end up DIYing a lot of the things myself with my mom, C’s mom, his sister, and my stepmom. Think cheap, easy, and local.

ooh pretty

We’ve chosen a venue for next summer. It’s an old gazebo by the county lake, with old stone walls and the intimate seclusion we’re looking for. The reception venue is close by, too, which makes it convenient for everyone.

lakeside rustic chic

Planning from Africa is going to be…interesting. I’m going to have to use all my laid-back reserves and rely on other people with faith and humility (ha, yeah, right!). Luckily I’ll be home in the states in October and we’ll be able to get a lot accomplished. The plan is to fly back, interview for med school like a rockstar, get our registry figured out (we’re thinking Target), start on invites, and gather everyone together who will be singing or reading to assign tasks and figure out what the ceremony and reception are actually going to look like.

Hopefully I’ll stay calm throughout this whole process and just enjoy it. I think it will prove to be a nice distraction from the impersonal world of med school applications. I’m going to try to avoid constantly blogging about the wedding, but I make no promises.


I think I’ll just go ahead and make a new category. I mean, come on. How can I resist this stuff? At least I have Off Beat Bride to inspire me and encourage me to embrace my nontraditional ideas.

Anyway, it’s the 16th. Still not verified. LAME.


2 thoughts on “Yes, I am planning my wedding

  1. Outdoor is beautiful! T and I are getting married on July 16th (of this year), and we’re doing an outdoor wedding in Sedona with close family and friends (we had an invitation for you–but you’ll be in Africa 😦 )

    Anyways, it’s good to keep an eye on the budget because it can get out of hand really quickly, but you can definitely do a fun, offbeat, chic wedding on a budget…it’ll be exciting!! 😀

    • How many people are you having at yours? We’re thinking like 30 tops with up to 70 at the reception (you guys get a reception invite for sure). This is going to frustrating but fun!

      I’m so excited for you guys! Congrats 🙂

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