First Secondary and Goodbye Louisiana

So today I received my first secondary request from Tulane. Their instructions informed me that the Fee Assistance Program would only account for a REDUCTION of the secondary fee to $62 from the $125.  This was not the information I had read about when I was making the decision to apply. I had heard that they honored the waiver; this year it changed with no warning. I wish I would have known this beforehand; I would have applied somewhere else or planned better for the fee.

So that means that my initial excitement at getting my first secondary was quickly overtaken by my first disappointment in having to withdraw my application to Tulane.

I was particularly hurt by the fact that they offer a full fee waiver to Teach for America and AmeriCorps members but not Peace Corps Volunteers…which I think is sort of messed up. I mean, clearly I’m biased by dang. Really?

The bummer thing is that I would have really liked Tulane. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work in New Orleans and am very committed to working with underserved populations and communities. I feel like my perspective would have fit in quite well with the dynamic of the school; it’s too bad that they are preventing people who clearly come from disadvantaged backgrounds from continuing in applying to their school. So I’m bummed, but I’ll get over it.

I don’t think C was particularly excited about living in Louisiana and I have to admit that it would have been even a little too tropical for me after having just lived in Africa for two years.

So there ya go. One down, thirteen to go. That was quick.


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