Online Identity

I was recently asked to remove some content on my Peace Corps blog which has really gotten me thinking about my online identity. I don’t believe in anonymous online activity; I think more and more we need to be held accountable for what we say online and doing that with our real voices is important. It’s certainly difficult then to keep everything squeaky clean! I hope this blog has maintained a professional image. I think I will continue the semi-anonymous mode where I don’t get super specific on where I live and where I’m applying. I know, though, that if someone really wanted to figure it out they could. Is this bad? I don’t think so. I’ll probably be watching my posts a little better and definitely staying away from profanity. I know that I believe they are just words, but not everyone else feels that way. So I can respect that for sure.

Sigh. I really did not need this stress right now in my life.

Quick update: I’ve received 8 secondaries, won’t be filling out Baylor’s (apparently they only reduce the fee same as Tulane), and haven’t had a working computer to fill them out. My new computer cord has arrived in country, though, so it should not be a problem to get those submitted soon.


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