Wedding Planning and Birthday Cake

So it’s officially my birthday! I can’t believe I’m 24 years old. I seriously feel like I turned 14 just a few birthdays ago. Where has the time gone? This year I made a cake. And although it’s only been the 20th for a few hours I’ve managed to eat most of the cake already…but I did have help at least! This is a huuuuge improvement over last year’s birthday fiasco. I had just moved into my new Peace Corps issued cement house the day before and so on my birthday I ventured out into the foreign land to try to find ingredients for cake. I ended up finding the weirdest, clumpiest flour out there and creating this odd concoction in my Dutch oven that I ended up eating anyway while crying onto my fork. It was…pitiful. This year, though? I had a box of brownie mix that I spruced up with some coconut extract and some cinnamon, whipped up a homemade frosting and bam! Year 24 is better than year 23. I guess cake makes a difference. That and some good friends 😉

see the sprinkles?!

So to make this glorious cake, even if you’re in Peace Corps Africa, simply find a stove (or Dutch Oven it up), light it up, pour out the box of premade mix, add oil, water, and 2 or 3 eggs (an extra egg makes brownie mix more ‘cake-y’), a dash of coconut extract (or substitute coconut milk for the water), and a dash or two of cinnamon. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes in a greased 9 x 13 inch pan and then let it cool.

The frosting is just 1/2 cup of butter, 1/4 cup boiled water, and almost 3 cups of powdered sugar mixed with a dash of cinnamon and a swirl of some left over Nutella some COSing volunteer left behind. Let it cool and then drizzle over the cake. If you’ve got sprinkles, add those babies on. Pop in some candles and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I won’t tell my wish, but it involves med school. Wink wink. I’m still sitting on 4 interviews for now. Hopefully I’ll hear back from my state school soon. I officially leave for America in 9 days so I’m starting to get a bit antsy!

To take my mind off of things I’ve been wedding planning. And man oh man, is that fun. First of all, let me just say that C-bear has BOOKED OUR VENUES. This is huge because it means the DATE IS SET. I won’t post it yet, but it’s less than 9 months away. Eek! Here’s the place as a reminder:

ooh rustic

I’m thinking a few rows of white chairs, maybe a white curtain blowing in the breeze gently while we stand on the stone steps looking lovingly into each other’s eyes…of course I have no idea how I’m going to hang up a white curtain or where I’m getting these rustic white chairs…but I suppose that’s part of the planning process, no? Anyway, the date is set, we’ve picked and informed our official wedding party people…and yeah. We’re setting up our registry during the month that I’m home for med school interviews.

It’s gonna be busy.


*edit* I just got an interview invite to my state school! I’m officially at 5 interviews now, one for each week that I’m home. My flight is in 5 days and 7 hours! Ahhh, so excited!


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