Wedding Update and Pinterest

So as you all know, I am in the midst of some serious wedding planning. While I was home in October, theoretically for medical school interviews, I was also initiating the wedding plan phase two: jobs lists. I compiled and created various tasks for people in our wedding and helping with the reception and then wrote them all out and distributed them. And it was…interesting. Some people wanted less jobs, others wanted more, others wanted more specific information, and I’m thinking others preferred a little less detail. I tried to match people up with things I thought they’d be interested in, but dang, it’s difficult to make everyone happy. Oh well, it’s supposed to be my day, right?

we'll be doing sunflowers and red daisies...awwww

Well, during this whole process, I stumbled upon a website called pinterest, a site that allows you to literally capture and save any image on the internets. There are people and genres you can follow and one of them is a wedding one…which is what lead me to discovering this:

I know chainsaws aren't the best weapon of choice

You may or may not remember, but the boy and I are somewhat…nerdy when it comes to The Zombie Apocalypse (TZA) and we consistently plan out weapons and meeting points and and survival techniques. In fact, I think I can admit it here, we’re going to be including something TZA related in our vows. Yeah, I’m pretty stoked.

The next task is to get our Save the Dates completed (STDs…haha). We made a couple different prototypes when I was home, but we need to get them printed and sent off here probably before January. Fun stuff, indeed.

Anyway, here in the next month or so I’ll be headed back to America permanently and the really essential part of wedding planning can commence with phase three: budgeting. Yay!




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