Say Yes to the Dress!

I just went over to the tailor here in Nati and dropped off my wedding dress fabric (called ’tissu’ here). I talked with her about the specifics which was difficult to do in French (I have no idea how to say sweetheart neckline in French haha) but I had several drawings to show her and she seemed to really understand. She took about twenty measurements and asked a lot of questions. She knew it was for my wedding and she seemed really excited about getting to be a part of it. I told her I’d get pictures that she could see of the wedding and she was so excited!

sunflower instead of the white one in my hair

Anyway, it should be ready in about a week and I’m leaving the country pretty soon after that. All in all, after buying the fabric (16 mille…about $32) and paying the tailor (7.5 mille…about $15), my wedding dress will end up being less than $50. Honestly, if I have to get it tweaked a little in the dates, it’ll probably cost more in the states than the whole dress has!

I’m so excited!

I’ve just been hanging out here in Nati, saying some good-byes and eating girl-power cake with the ladies here. It’s very bittersweet. I know leaving is the right decision, but I’m certainly going to miss the volunteers here and the place. But I’d miss it if I left in four months, too, so that doesn’t really change anything.

But, yeah. Dress!

without tulle...but I might add some in the states if I decide I want some fluff


I’m so happy! 😀

Keep it classy,



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