Homemade Margaritas and Goodbye Nati!

Well, I can’t sleep for some reason, so I decided to post my recipe and pics from our awesome impromptu homemade margarita party in Nati last weekend. The recipe is surprisingly simple (although we added a little twist!). Enjoy!

Ingredients: Homemade Nati ‘Ritas

-15 tiny limes, or like 6 huge Americanized ones

-1 cup water

-1 cup sugar


-green, lime flavored kool-aid

-tequila of your choice

First juice all the limes. We used a squeezer thing. It took a long time.


While you’re doing that boil the sugar and water together until the mixture resembles a light syrup. You can add more sugar as needed.

Next, cool off the syrup in the freezer. This takes about 45 minutes. Then mix in the lime juice with the syrup and taste. Add the green kool-aid to get the desired color and sweetness wanted.

Add some ice, some of the mixer, and a shot or two to tequila (it’s up to you how crunk you want to get!) into a blender and pulse until the ice is crushed and reaches that creamy margarita texture.

You could salt or sugar the rim of your glass or just enjoy straight. Definitely pair this with ordered in Nati workstation french fries. You will feel like you are in America. Refill cup regularly and enjoy!

cuz we're baller

Anyway, I’m heading back to America tomorrow (well, later today really, it’s almost 5am why can’t I sleeeeeep?), and I probably won’t have time to post. If not, happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully there will be some delicious left overs for me at home and I think we’re doing a small, mini Thanksgiving here at the workstation in Cotonou before I head out to the airport. I’m thinking of making a pie. Mmmmm, pie.

Later, kitty cats!



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