Quick 2011 Compilation

Well, it’s officially 2012 and I want to start fresh. But I also wanted to let y’all know about the last few awesome baked goods I’ve made and give a quick update on my life. So I thought I’d do a little compilation photo style for you to summarize my last few weeks of 2011.

Quiche. It was awesome. And surprisingly easy. Just eggs, veggies, and cheese in a homemade pie crust. Delicious.

Walnut pie. Identical to a delicious pecan pie, but with walnuts. And I also added a melted chocolate layer over the crust before adding the walnut and brownsugar mixture. So good and so easy.

Cheesecake. I made a post for this one. I’ll probably put it up even though it’s late. It was just phenomenal and so easy. I thought cheesecake was impossibly difficult and since it’s C’s favorite I was always a bit scared to try and fail…but I tried and it was sooo good. I don’t even like cheesecake that much. But this one had a cinnamon toast crunch crust…so how could it be bad?

Another cheesecake. This one I made in a springform pan with a cinnamon graham cracker crust and homemade blueberry syrup. All I did was follow the regular cheesecake recipe that I’ll post and made blueberry syrup with water and sugar and fresh blueberries. It was awesome. I made it for a family Christmas dinner and it was a hit!

The biggest thing, though, I have to say, though, is my new red hair! I wanted to go with a fiery Hayley Williams red and it ended up pretty toned down, but I still really like it and it’s crazy different. I’ve been blonde my whole life. It’s definitely weird. But I like change!

As far as the whole med school admissions life goes, I’m still planning on going to my state school. I haven’t officially accepted yet since they have yet to send out their requests for deposit, but they are still my top choice. I’ve been officially rejected by Cincinnati and still haven’t heard from about 8 other places. I’m shocked that they wait this long. It makes me think that if you don’t hear right away, it probably means you’ve been silently rejected. Oh well. I’m happy with my choice! I’ve started working for an ACT test prep company and I’m really getting excited for the training which starts in about a week. Other than that, life is good and I should probably stop procrastinating on wedding planning stuff.

Well, 2011, it was fun. I’m looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life, and hoping that 2012 is as awesome as 2011.

So here we go 2012! I’m ready for ya šŸ™‚



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