Marathon Training Begins!

Well, I did my first workout session for the April marathon. This picture is me running the Boston Marathon in 2010 and yes, I tweeted the run.

Today’s workout was…unpleasant. I ran three miles at a little slower than my goal pace of 9 minutes/mile. I also did some basic weights, too, and sit-ups. It was seriously the first time I’d worked out for real in about two months. I am definitely out of shape! But this is a good thing. I’ll kick it back into gear, getting my workouts higher up in intensity each day. Hopefully I’ll be ready for my first long run on Sunday, 10 miles!

Right now, that makes me pretty nervous, haha. Tomorrow I’m doing an hour long run with a 15 minute warm up and cool down and some sprints. it should be…fun?

Tonight we’re making chili and I’m busting out homemade cinnamon rolls with walnuts. I’m only going to have one! If they turn out awesome, I’ll post my recipe.

Stay classy!



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