I2 Tofurkey and Giving Thanks

Callie gave me a little Thanksgiving kiss when we got home after dinner at my brothers’ place…also I have super short hair now!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was full of food and lazing around as is required, but also provided ample opportunity to reflect on what is wonderful and awesome in our lives. For me, that’s easy: I am healthy and pretty good looking (especially with my new short hair cut!), smart (enough to be doing well in med school!), have the coolest and craziest family around, a super sweet husband, an adorable kitten, and am fortunate enough to be an American and to have a place to live and food to eat and a very bright future. I still don’t have a kitchen table…but I am very grateful for where I am today šŸ™‚

I am thankful for all the wonderful teachers and mentors who have helped me along the way, for all my brothers (and now two sisters-one by birth and one by marriage!) who have made me always want to be a better person and role model, and for the rest of my family, and especially all my parents, who have shaped me into who I am. I’m certainly flawed, but I always try to do good by my family and for the world. I’m also thankful for Scott (yep, he’s going by his middle name, now!), who has been absolutely wonderful during the last year of transition; this year has been at times overwhelming and inchoate, and frustrating and seemingly insurmountable and yet so perfect, and the whole time Scott has been patient and always in love with me. In the almost year that I’ve been home, I’ve had to relearn how to exist here without going crazy and it’s not easy; readjusting to America is hard…even more so when your temperature gauge is way off, you live at home for six months, and plan a wedding, a marathon, a move, and starting medical education! I’ve not been easy to live to with, I’m sure, but he must like me or something because he keeps coming back.

So anyway, I made a Tofurkey yesterday. According to my brothers…and husband…it was pretty gross. Well, I didn’t mind it! I thought I did a pretty good job, actually.

Ok, so it looks like a blob. SO WHAT?!

I took a lot of photos from the baking process, intending on putting up a recipe on here, but since NO ONE liked it, I’m just going to have to assume that I’m way too biased and that it actually is gross…so I won’t subject you all to my recipe. Maybe next year!

Celebratory nachos. The best kind of celebration and the best kind of nachos!

On a related note (er…okay, not really related at all actually), we just finished up Inflammation and Immunity (I2) and I managed to get a Sup.

I’m not sure if I’ve described our grading system, but basically a Sup (pronounced “soup”) is a “Superior,” which is essentially an A. High Satisfactory (“High Sat”) is a B, Satisfactory is a C, and anything below a 71.5% is failing (ie. Unsatisfactory). Getting a Sup (also called “Souping the module”) in I2 is difficult and I’m still surprised that I made it. After taking the final exam I had missed the cut off by 4 points, which is TWO questions. When they did the regrade, we got back several questions, though, and I lucked out and got 3 questions (6 points) back…pushing me to an 89.5% in the module which rounds up to Sup.

Needless to say, I was stoked. Thus the nachos at Tom Fooleries, a bar on the Plaza in Kansas City. I think it may have been the first time I’d gone out for a drink since my birthday…it was fun! I also saw the new James Bond movie, Skyfall (I know, TWO EXTRAVAGANT EVENTS?!) and admittedly went to the last Twilight movie which I enjoyed IMMENSELY.

We started Cardiopulmonary this week, just three days of lecture before we broke for the holiday, and we’ll be working our way through this module for 7 more weeks. We have 3 weeks of material and a week of exams before Christmas break and then we come back for the second half of the course which isn’t over until the first week in February. This module is our first real organ systems one and is actually starting to feel more like “medical school” with an anatomy focus. In fact, when we come back in January, we start gross anatomy lab dissections, a quintessential rite of passage through medical school and our first experience truly using our hands in medicine.

I submitted my campus selection form…and picked Kansas City so that I had more time to decide. I can always switch to Wichita but I can’t change back to KC. So we’ll see. I still have time to decide but I’m starting to lean toward the place that will give me the best clinical education in a city with the best cost of living…for some reason I’m still scared to make it official, though. I’ll probably wait and see if I end up on the lottery list.

All is well in other regards; Callie is doing great with the CittiKitty…she’s on ring 3 right now (well, more like 2.75 and we’ll go to the full 3 this weekend) and has been accident free for almost two weeks. It’s sort of hilarious and adorable to watch her run into the bathroom and then a couple seconds later hear the tinkle of her peeing in the toilet. I half expect her to flush! She’s a cutie.

keeping her paws up when she sleeps so she’s ready to attack the zombies

She loves the Walking Dead but she is not a fan of Andrea!

Life is good! I wish we had more money, but we’re getting by and I’m grateful for all the good things we have in our lives. Now if we could just get a dining room table and chairs…

Oh and I REALLY need to start working out again. I’ve been massively lazy, choosing sleep or studying instead of just getting out there and working it! I think I probably need to pick a race or something to train for, otherwise I’m not nearly motivated enough. Luckily I haven’t put on a million pounds yet! I’m grateful for that for sure!

I’ll leave you with the giant concept map I made for I2. Don’t let it scare you. Ok, you can if you want; it’s pretty epic.

Isn’t it AWESOME?!

Ok, folks. I’m going to use my day off to memorize cardiac anatomy and congenital heart malformations and embryology. Yay!

~Elaina šŸ™‚


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