Potty Training a Cat takes more than twice as long as you think!


January 23, 2013 marked Day 108 of our Citty Kitty adventure. And it was a memorable day because Callie Cat was finally…POTTY TRAINED!!

Ok, I lied. Today is actually important because we have finally moved on to having the full third ring removed. Yes, we’re 58 days behind where we originally planned to remove the third ring. That day was Day 55, but due to suspicious behavior on her part and subsequent bathtub poop, we slowed the process way down.

First off, I just want to say that we waited a little longer than Cal probably needed. Between Day 58 and now, we’ve had no bathtub or any other incidents at all. We went back to a half size ring two with the insert tray until about Day 63 and then each week cut away a bit of that until only 10% remained. That was most likely Day 84. Our adorable fur ball could have handled full ring three size by Day 91. But it was winter break and we were lazy and I just let it go. We also got a new kitchen table, which could have stressed her out, so we just wanted to minimize her fears for a bit longer.

But last week, I removed the insert tray and left her with the tiny piece of ring 3 that had thrown her into such a panic on Day 56. We held out breath, waiting for the Freak Out…and Cal acted like nothing had changed at all. No issues. Today I took out that tiny piece. She seems a bit wary of the toilet now, but tolerated some petting there and was purring when I sat down to write this.

Only two rings left! Hopefully it won’t be another 108 days before we’re through!

As of today, February 3rd, Day 119, Cal is starting to notice that she has indeed been eliminating into…water! Oh, yes, it is as if she is just realizing it. That may have something to do with her bath last week, but whatever the reason, she has become fascinated with the water inside the toilet and has been caught several times with her entire head and a paw disappearing down the hole. She is also withholding, and hasn’t pooped in almost 24 hours. We’ve cut a bit off the ring, just a sliver around the back end, but that was almost three days ago and she didn’t seem to notice at the time. At any rate, this process is certainly a long one, but at least the hole is getting big enough that a) she basically just uses the tray to stand on at this point, making clean up nothing more than a flush and refilling a bit of litter, and b) we humans don’t have to remove the tray to use the toilet if we’re feeling lazy. Yay!

In conclusion, potty training takes over twice the advertised amount of time…and we might even suggest quadrupling that time by the end of this adventure.

Good luck, kitties!



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