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I’m Thankful for…

…my service in Benin and the opportunity to have been a part of something special this last year and a half. …my family and friends and getting to see them a few months earlier than originally planned! …my fiance and how incredibly supportive he’s been both during my service and in these last few weeks … Continue reading

What I’ll Miss About Benin

So apparently this blog has also been linked to the Peace Corps journals blog site (how the heck do they find us?) so probably anyone who reads my official Peace Corps blog, elainainafrica, has already seen these lists. But anyway, I thought I’d just post them here, too, for posterity or whatevs. Things I’ll miss … Continue reading

Back in Africa

So my America trip is finished and I’m back in Benin with a med school acceptance in hand. I’m about 99% sure that I’ll be matriculating at this school (my in-state school for any curious folks out there) but I haven’t officially withdrawn from other places yet. I think I’ll wait to hear back from … Continue reading

Interviews? Check.

Well, I’m heading back to Africa next week and I’m finished with all my medical school interviews. I was invited to five, but cancelled the last one because the other four went well and the fifth would have been prohibitively expensive to travel to. The four schools I interviewed with were all in the midwest … Continue reading

Wedding Planning and Birthday Cake

So it’s officially my birthday! I can’t believe I’m 24 years old. I seriously feel like I turned 14 just a few birthdays ago. Where has the time gone? This year I made a cake. And although it’s only been the 20th for a few hours I’ve managed to eat most of the cake already…but … Continue reading

First Interview Invite!

On the fringe of my dream school rejection, I just received my first invitation to interview for medical school. The ironic thing is that the school originally rejected me for being out of state. I debated for several weeks whether or not to appeal the decision and when I finally did I didn’t expect much. … Continue reading


So I’ve sent in all the applications I can. All my secondaries are in. I have five that are officially complete now. All I can do is sit back and relax. The waiting game begins.


from Pritzker. Not unexpected, but still. Top choice. Man. I think I’m going to bake something to cheer myself up.

A Summer Update (and a cupcake, too!)

As of this posting I have officially applied to 6 schools, been rejected by one, and withdrew from two. I have three more secondary requests in my inbox that I’m going to finish up today…and then I’m just waiting on three more to get back to me. Whew! It’s definitely a long process. I can’t … Continue reading