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I2 Tofurkey and Giving Thanks

I2 Tofurkey and Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! Yesterday was full of food and lazing around as is required, but also provided ample opportunity to reflect on what is wonderful and awesome in our lives. For me, that’s easy: I am healthy and pretty good looking (especially with my new short hair cut!), smart (enough to be doing well in med … Continue reading

I’m Thankful for…

…my service in Benin and the opportunity to have been a part of something special this last year and a half. …my family and friends and getting to see them a few months earlier than originally planned! …my fiance and how incredibly supportive he’s been both during my service and in these last few weeks … Continue reading

Wedding Update and Pinterest

So as you all know, I am in the midst of some serious wedding planning. While I was home in October, theoretically for medical school interviews, I was also initiating the wedding plan phase two: jobs lists. I compiled and created various tasks for people in our wedding and helping with the reception and then … Continue reading

11:11 11/11/11 Super Wish

  I just made that super wish, the biggest and most powerful wish that there could be for all eternity (or at least until 3011 but who knows what that crazy world will be like?). I think I made a good one. I’ll find out here pretty soon, too! (iphone, iphone, iphone) Just kidding. Or … Continue reading

Obesity and Hunger in America and Benin

Here in Benin, I find myself thinking a lot about food, nutrition, and weight from both a biological and sociological perspective. Many people here don’t have healthy food options or are malnourished due to simple lack of food. It’s quite common to see people who are skeletally thin (marasmus), people who are bloated from lack … Continue reading

TZA Scenario One

As huge nerds, Colt and I periodically plan out our optimum plans for the zombie apocalypse (TZA). They typically vary by our current location. For example, mine centers on the fact that I am in West Africa right now and would have to make it home somehow. Anyway, thought I’d share: I’ll probably continue to … Continue reading

Mango allergies

A fellow volunteer had to leave her post recently because of a severe reaction to what she thinks was mango skin. What is this interesting allergy? I decided to do some research and share the results with you all! Mango skin has a chemical in the sap called ‘urushiol’ that causes reactions similar to poison … Continue reading

Google Body

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever discovered on the net. It’s like Google Earth but for the human body. Very cool. Check it out! I played around with it for a bit, but my internet connection is sort of wonky out here in Benin. Let me know if you discover anything totally … Continue reading

Hello World!

I’ve decided to start blogging here at WordPress. I plan on chronicling my path to medical school and beyond with a few interesting health related posts thrown in for good measure. I envision this blog to be of assistance to premed students, of interest to those curious about the life of a medical student, and entertainment to both … Continue reading