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Quick 2011 Compilation

Well, it’s officially 2012 and I want to start fresh. But I also wanted to let y’all know about the last few awesome baked goods I’ve made and give a quick update on my life. So I thought I’d do a little compilation photo style for you to summarize my last few weeks of 2011. … Continue reading

Wedding Planning and Birthday Cake

So it’s officially my birthday! I can’t believe I’m 24 years old. I seriously feel like I turned 14 just a few birthdays ago. Where has the time gone? This year I made a cake. And although it’s only been the 20th for a few hours I’ve managed to eat most of the cake already…but … Continue reading

Punk Rock Kitteh

So yesterday I found my black nail polish. I didn’t even know I had brought it with me when I made the move to Africa so I was totally stoked! Zaari was very interested in what I was doing. The brand is Pure Ice Midnight Sparkle or something similar (I can’t remember the official name, … Continue reading

Yes, I am planning my wedding

A couple people have asked me if I am actively planning my wedding while both abroad in the Peace Corps and applying to medical school. The answer is omgidon’twannatalkaboutitbutyes. Actually it’s not that bad. Yet. Thus far I’ve just managed to find the African fabric for my wedding dress that I’m going to get made … Continue reading

My Tree and Me

So I’m realizing that I like pretty things. Especially if they are pink and/or shiny things that detail five generations of genealogy: This modern family tree is just one of several decorative genealogical displays from My Tree and Me. Anyway, when we have our first kid I’m definitely getting this for her awesome room. I … Continue reading

Pure Ice in the African Heat

With a nod to my new favorite med school blog, Med School and the Rest of It, I’ve decided to do a bit of a fashion post. I’ve actually tried to post this entry about three times now, but my internet has not quite allowed me to get it through until now. Anyway, we might … Continue reading