Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cheesecake

This post is a few weeks late, but here it is! My ADD brain eventually gets things finished (sometimes)…anyway, here it is! Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cheesecake So it’s finals week around here and while I don’t have any (heh heh), I decided to make a little study treat for C and my mom. C’s absolute … Continue reading

Quick 2011 Compilation

Well, it’s officially 2012 and I want to start fresh. But I also wanted to let y’all know about the last few awesome baked goods I’ve made and give a quick update on my life. So I thought I’d do a little compilation photo style for you to summarize my last few weeks of 2011. … Continue reading

Dutch Baby for my Baby

So today I wanted pancakes, but C was not really feeling it. I think he was still in the mood for some delicious quiche I had made the day before (I’ll post that recipe another time). So he found a compromise: a dutch baby, a kind of thick, custard eggy pancake that would satisfy us … Continue reading

Apples and Beninese Pie a l’Afrique

Apples and Beninese Pie a l’Afrique

Apples and Beninese If there’s one thing I learned in Benin (and really, there are hundreds of lessons I’ve learned here), it’s that the best baking really does not come from a box. If you want truly awesome sweets, it’s gotta be from scratch. It’s just so much fun to tweak recipes to find what … Continue reading

I’m Thankful for…

…my service in Benin and the opportunity to have been a part of something special this last year and a half. …my family and friends and getting to see them a few months earlier than originally planned! …my fiance and how incredibly supportive he’s been both during my service and in these last few weeks … Continue reading

Homemade Margaritas and Goodbye Nati!

Well, I can’t sleep for some reason, so I decided to post my recipe and pics from our awesome impromptu homemade margarita party in Nati last weekend. The recipe is surprisingly simple (although we added a little twist!). Enjoy! Ingredients: Homemade Nati ‘Ritas -15 tiny limes, or like 6 huge Americanized ones -1 cup water … Continue reading

Med Students and Future Med Students Read This!

So I recently learned of the Congressional move to cut Graduate Medical Education (GME)  funding and through my neurotic obsession with the Student Doctor Network (SDN) I came across the AAMC page with information on how to contact your local congressperson to encourage them to preserve this important aspect of a future physician’s training. From … Continue reading

What I’ll Miss About Benin

So apparently this blog has also been linked to the Peace Corps journals blog site (how the heck do they find us?) so probably anyone who reads my official Peace Corps blog, elainainafrica, has already seen these lists. But anyway, I thought I’d just post them here, too, for posterity or whatevs. Things I’ll miss … Continue reading

Say Yes to the Dress!

I just went over to the tailor here in Nati and dropped off my wedding dress fabric (called ’tissu’ here). I talked with her about the specifics which was difficult to do in French (I have no idea how to say sweetheart neckline in French haha) but I had several drawings to show her and … Continue reading

Wedding Update and Pinterest

So as you all know, I am in the midst of some serious wedding planning. While I was home in October, theoretically for medical school interviews, I was also initiating the wedding plan phase two: jobs lists. I compiled and created various tasks for people in our wedding and helping with the reception and then … Continue reading