First Interview Invite!

On the fringe of my dream school rejection, I just received my first invitation to interview for medical school. The ironic thing is that the school originally rejected me for being out of state. I debated for several weeks whether or not to appeal the decision and when I finally did I didn’t expect much. And then, surprise surprise! I received an email letting me know that I could select interview dates. I picked three in October and hopefully I’ll hear back soon about the exact date. I’m so excited! I really needed this win and now that I know that I actually have a reason to go back to the states in October I’m just so vindicated and excited. I’ve been looking up suits. I’ll have to buy a nice new one right when I get back and I’m so stoked about it! J.Crew, here I come! I’ll probably post a few of my favorites as I find them. Ahhh, fashion, classy classy boring three piece suit fashion.

But yes. I’ve moved onto the next step in this process. Hopefully I’ll be able to add several more schools to the list for October. Yay! Yay! Yay! Interviews!

And now…commence freak out about scary interview questions about the state of medical care in the US.

I ate a huge plate of fries in celebration and they were divine.

Life is good.


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